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"Natalie's massage was fantastic; it was exactly what I needed after a long work week!"

"Last Friday was my first ever massage and it was wonderful! I received a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage from my daughter but next time I'll definitely come in for a hour long massage -- 30 minutes was not long enough. Even though this was my first massage and I have not experienced the work of any one else, I would recommend Susan to family and friends."
-Charlotte S.

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about my experience today. My trip to Massage & Wellness was actually a result of bad luck and bad timing, but actually resulted in a spectacular experience! I very rarely get migraine headaches, yet I got one today and alas, I had unchangeable plans for the evening. I saw your sign every day as I waited for the bus, and figured I would try to get a walk-in appointment. A therapist was available, and I couldn't be more thankful. I have been receiving massages for the last 10 or so years, and I can honestly say that this was the best massage I've ever had. You all saved my evening. I can't wait to return."
- Deborah Graul

"I saw a therapist there on Saturday for a massage. She was very pleasant and one of the best massage therapists that i have visited. She is a good listener and works well on target areas."
- Elizabeth A.

"My experience at Massage & Wellness was wonderful! Before I even arrived I could tell the staff was friendly, I had a bit of a problem with construction. My appointment was with Susan and before she started my session she was really focused on finding my problem area. I'm glad to say I woke up this morning headache free which is a miracle, before my appointment I had severe headaches at least once a day I was guaranteed to wake up with one. Thank you again for a wonderful experience."
- Kelly B.

"Thank you so much! This was first massage and my session was awesome. I will definitely be back!"
- Jane Johnson

"I called earlier today to schedule a massage due to low back pain. I was fortunate to have Katie assigned to me for the massage. She was very effective in alleviating the pain I have been experiencing. Thanks for your help!"
- Jan Ziegler

"This was my first massage and they made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My therapist tailored everything to my needs. Thanks :-)"
-Ashley Tebbe

"I carry a ton of stress in my back and shoulders, after my massage today I am completely relaxed and pain free for the first time in a long time. Thank you for a wonderful experience. "
-Jody Lamb

"Everything with our chair massage event went very well and I’ve heard only positive responses! We’ve had a number of requests since to have massage therapists on staff continuously at our office (lovely idea that unfortunately I can't hold my breath for ;))."
- Nell P., ABEM

"I woke up this morning headache free - I'm so happy!! Thanks for really digging into those knots. It made all the difference."
Cassie G., Assistant Professor, MSU

"I am not sure if my therapist was new to your staff or not but I really think he is WONDERFUL!!! I have been getting massages for a very long time and have to say this was on of the best. He didn't talk much so I could relax, pressure was PERFECT and I appreciated him understanding me running a few mins late. I will be booking with him again :)"
-Robyn Baker

"Today was my first visit to Massage & Wellness. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. My massage therapist was also quite amazing. She obviously knew what she was doing, she was very kind, and very attentive to my level of comfort. I felt like the entire session was individualized for what I wanted and needed. I still can't believe how great the price was, especially for such high quality of service. I will definitely be returning to Massage & Wellness."
-Mike H.

"I would like to thank you for my massage today. I had a great experience at Massage & Wellness. I will be calling soon to schedule my next appointment."
Diana S. American Bar Association- Student Liaison

"I am feeling a lot better than I was a few days ago. The soreness has worn off and I feel very relaxed (despite my crazy life) :-) I called the chiropractor, and unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic appointments. So for right now, I think I'm just going to stick with the massages until my budget allows me to pay for a chiropractor."
-Haley S., Cooley Law School

"I feel so much better & am so glad I found Massage & Wellness! I plan on booking again within 4 weeks! Thank you for the healing session."
Peace & kindness,
Jaime T.

"I wanted to thank you for a great massage. My body is feeling much better this morning! You have a wonderful healing touch."
Take Care, Susan P.

"That was a great experience and I felt energized for hours afterward. I usually want to take a nap, so that was nice. I'll be back!"
Joss S.

"Thanks Massage & Wellness! I won't wait so long to see you next time -- it was so wonderful and the foot treatment really helped. Have a great week and see you soon."
Melissa F.

"The experience was excellent--just what I needed yesterday. I enjoyed the hot stones, and warm oil, too. I'll be returning soon."
-Marcia B.

"My therapist was fantastic! I haven't stopped talking about my massage since Friday. The experience was great and I felt so much better. She really concentrated on the areas I requested, while making my entire body feel relaxed."
-Kylie J., MSU State News

"I was very happy with my massage. I was in rough shape before she started and by the next day I could feel the difference. She focused a lot on my legs which helped loosen up my lower back and recommended that next time I come in I have the therapist focus on my upper back. I think I could have used another hour or two, but that is my responsibility to work on haha. I would definitely request her in the future and really appreciate you taking the time to follow up with me."
-Alex C.

"I just wanted to say my therapist was excellent. She is very professional and has great customer service skills!!! I was in such great pain and she helped me get better so I could drive out of state for a family reunion. I will refer my family here to your great business!!!"

"My therapist was great. I like her style of massage and interaction. My neck, back and hip were sore the next day, but feel much better today."
-Mike D., triathlete

"I have moved back home where I am externing at a private firm for my last term of law school. Although I was not able to come by, I couldn't leave and not email you to say goodbye. It was always a pleasure coming in for massages and I thank you for helping to make my time away from home much easier to bear. I wish you the best and maybe I'll see you when I return for graduation!"
-Joss S.

"Susan gave me a deep tissue/trigger point massage and it relieved a lot of my pain. She was also able to work out a lot of knots in my neck and back. I felt less stress afterwards too."
-Ashley B.


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