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"Last Friday was my first ever massage and it was wonderful! I received a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage from my daughter but next time I'll definitely come in for a hour long massage -- 30 minutes was not long enough. Even though this was my first massage and I have not experienced the work of any one else, I would recommend Susan to family and friends."
-Charlotte S.

"Everything with our chair massage event went very well and I’ve heard only positive responses! We’ve had a number of requests since to have massage therapists on staff continuously at our office (lovely idea that unfortunately I can't hold my breath for ;))."
- Nell P., ABEM

"I woke up this morning headache free - I'm so happy!! Thanks for really digging into those knots. It made all the difference."
Cassie G., Assistant Professor, MSU

"I would like to thank you for my massage today. I had a great experience at Massage & Wellness. I will be calling soon to schedule my next appointment."
Diana S. American Bar Association- Student Liaison

"I am feeling a lot better than I was a few days ago. The soreness has worn off and I feel very relaxed (despite my crazy life) :-) I called the chiropractor, and unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic appointments. So for right now, I think I'm just going to stick with the massages until my budget allows me to pay for a chiropractor."
-Haley S., Cooley Law School

"I feel so much better & am so glad I found Massage & Wellness! I plan on booking again within 4 weeks! Thank you for the healing session."
Peace & kindness,
Jaime T.

"I wanted to thank you for a great massage. My body is feeling much better this morning! You have a wonderful healing touch."
Take Care, Susan P.

"That was a great experience and I felt energized for hours afterward. I usually want to take a nap, so that was nice. I'll be back!"
Joss S.

"Thanks Massage & Wellness! I won't wait so long to see you next time -- it was so wonderful and the foot treatment really helped. Have a great week and see you soon."
Melissa F.

"The experience was excellent--just what I needed yesterday. I enjoyed the hot stones, and warm oil, too. I'll be returning soon."
-Marcia B.

"My therapist was fantastic! I haven't stopped talking about my massage since Friday. The experience was great and I felt so much better. She really concentrated on the areas I requested, while making my entire body feel relaxed."
-Kylie J., MSU State News

"I was very happy with my massage. I was in rough shape before she started and by the next day I could feel the difference. She focused a lot on my legs which helped loosen up my lower back and recommended that next time I come in I have the therapist focus on my upper back. I think I could have used another hour or two, but that is my responsibility to work on haha. I would definitely request her in the future and really appreciate you taking the time to follow up with me."
-Alex C.

"I just wanted to say my therapist was excellent. She is very professional and has great customer service skills!!! I was in such great pain and she helped me get better so I could drive out of state for a family reunion. I will refer my family here to your great business!!!"

"My therapist was great. I like her style of massage and interaction. My neck, back and hip were sore the next day, but feel much better today."
-Mike D., triathlete

"I have moved back home where I am externing at a private firm for my last term of law school. Although I was not able to come by, I couldn't leave and not email you to say goodbye. It was always a pleasure coming in for massages and I thank you for helping to make my time away from home much easier to bear. I wish you the best and maybe I'll see you when I return for graduation!"
-Joss S.

"The therapist gave me a deep tissue/trigger point massage and it relieved a lot of my pain. He was also able to work out a lot of knots in my neck and back. I felt less stress afterwards too."
-Ashley B.


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